Quote of the Day April 19 2012

Tidball's Battery


“rode along the line and gave orders to the commanders of batteries to fire slowly and deliberately; stating that the rapid firing did little execution and was a waste of ammunition….a small grizzly man with an effeminate voice….an experienced and able artillerist…”  Charles Cuffell of Durell’s Battery recalls Henry Hunt at the Battle of Antietam.  From Artillery Hell The Employment of Artillery at Antietam by Curt Johnson and Richard Anderson. College Station:  Texas A&M University Press, 1995 page 7.  Originally from Durell’s Battery in the Civil War by Charles A. Cuffel. Philadelphia:  Craig, Finley & Co., Inc 1900, page 78.



Henry Hunt

By the way and speaking of artillery, check out my post at South From the North Woods on the big move of artillery at Antietam which has resulted in 16 new or updated artillery positions at the park.  Henry Hunt would be happy.