September 17, 1862 – The Battle of Antietam

The Dunker Church

Antietam Quotes

Last Updated December 21, 2011

The quotes listed here are from the Battle of Antietam and the days immediately leading up to and following the battle.  It is organized generally chronology with events of September 17, 1862 organized by locatios on the battlefield.  At the end, there are some special categories of quotations on such subjects as artillery, civilians, medical care, and rookie regiments.  This article does not include quotations from the Maryland Campaign.  That is a separate post that will appear shortly entitled Maryland Campaign.  I am very much still in the early phase of trying to post my list of quotes, now numbering over 2,400 in the most meaningful fashion.  Each passage begins with the quote, who made it, the date if known, any other background about the quote, the regiment of individual if known and if they were in the army, the book or reference where I found the quote, and if that quote was footnoted in the reference, and other reference.  The sequence in this post is:

The Night Before September 17th

Nicodemus Heights

The Cornfield

East Woods

Hauser’s Ridge

West Woods

Sunken Road

Burnside’s Bridge

Final Attack

Confederate Retreat


Special Topics



Medical Care

Rookie Regiments

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  1. i am 53,an atlanta native and become interested in the civil war,late in my life at 32, after reading your quotes i realize the obvious to read the words what the actual people who were there had to say .I think your site for this.I found after reading a correspondence from the cwpt. i then searched for yhe suufering endured by the southern soldiers during the march and battle of sharpsburg or antietam.i want jump into the causes of the war ,but i wil always feel an admiration for the southern soldier,pc correct or not.thank you for your interesting site,which i will continue to read.

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