Today in the middle of reviewing A Brotherhood of Valor by Jeffrey D. Wert, the comparative study of the Stonewall Brigade and the Iron Brigade, I added quote 4000 to my database.  I really wanted to hit this milestone before I dropped off the grid for a few days and work at Antietam National Battlefield during the 150th anniversary.  Interestingly, it was not a quote about Stonewall.  I have a lot of them.  It wasn’t about the Cornfield at Antietam where these two brigades squared off.  It was about Richard Garnett and the reaction of the Stonewall Brigade when Jackson relieved him of command and preferred court martial charges against.  That is a little far afield from Antietam but this project sometimes takes me from the hills and fields around Sharpsburg to personalities who while they fought or otherwise participated in the Maryland Campaign, did not play the role that the likes of Lee, and McClellan played.  I am going to keep going strong on this project.  Maybe there is a book somewhere in there some day, but for now, this process is helping me to learn more about the Maryland Campaign than I would have believed possible when I started this about 3 1/2 years ago.  Keep checking back here for once the quotes are “captured” I have to transplant them here to a format where they can be accessed and reviewed.

Tomorrow is the start of the 150th and a four day sprint of activities at the Battlefield.  The weather promises to be great so come out.

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