Quote of the Day March 22, 2012

George B. McClellan

“The most popular, if not most prominent, cadet in the corps during my four years at West Point was George B. McClellan. He stood next to the head and was first captain in his class. His was one of the most faultless personalities I ever have known. He was full of life and enthusiasm, had charming address and manners, was void of pretension, and a steadfast friend. I loved him like a brother. He was a leader and organizer, natural born.” Orlando Willcox describes his fellow classmate at West Point.  Willcox was a member of the Class of 1847 and graduated with fellow Antietam veterans A.P. Hill, Horatio Gibson, Ambrose Burnside, John Gibbon, Clermont Best, Romeyn Ayres, Charles Griffin and Thomas Neill a year after McClellan. From Forgotten Valor – The Memoirs, Journals & Civil War Letters of Orlando B. Willcox.Robert G. Scott Editor. Kent:  Kent State University Press, 1999, page 55.


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