Quote of the Day March 12, 2012

Alfred Sully

“He was, we understood a regular and came direct from active service in the West. He did not attempt to ‘put on any style’; there was no effort to display and self-assertion; he gave but few orders, and they were in as few words as possible and in but an ordinary, commonplace way. Of course he was talked over and judgement passed on him, and long before night,  I heard several assertions to the effect that “he would do,” but I am inclined to think that most of the boys felt like reserving their opinions until better acquainted.” Sergeant James Wright of the First Minnesota Infantry recalls the arrival of the new regimental commander Alfred Sully in March of 1862.  Found in No More Gallant a Deed – Civil War Memoir of the First Minnesota Volunteers. By James A. Wright. Edited by Steven J. Keillor. St Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2001, page 104.


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