Quote of the Day March 11, 1862

The Cornfield at Antietam

“The roar all about us of nearby small arms and artillery more distant was so deafening that the major, in making his report, had to place his mouth to my ear.  Just as he concluded and whilst we still were standing breast to breast, he with his right side and I with my left towards the front, he was stricken by a bullet, straightened, stiffened and fell backwards prone upon the ground, dead.” Lieutenant Colonel Work of the 1st Texas describes the death of Major Dale in the Cornfield. Found in “First Texas in the Cornfield.” by George E. Otott.  The Maryland Campaign of 1862 Civil War Regiments:  A Journal of the American Civil War. Vol 5, No 3. Campbell CA:  Savas Publishing Company, 1998 page 102. Originally from First Texas Regiment of the Texas Brigade of the Army of Northern Virginia at the Battles of Boonsboro Pass or Gap and Sharpsburg or Antietam, Maryland in September 1862 by Philip Work (unpublished manuscript, 1907)


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