Quote of the Day March 9, 2012

Looking west from the West Woods towards Pelham's position

“We charged, skirmished and then went to work assisting the horses to pull the artillery in position….Major Pelham was trying to get two Napoleon guns on a hill commanding their position but the horses could not pull them over the plowed fields and up the hill so every fellow regardless of the shot and shell, took hold and almost carried both pieces into position and there in front of a corps of the enemy the Gallant Pelham fought those pieces aiming and firing each piece as fast as the men could load, while our men supported him and poured the lead into their flanks.”  Captain Sam Buck of the 13th Virginia Infantry reports on the efforts of he and his men to assist Pelham’s battery at Antietam.  Found at “Defending Lee’s Flank.” by Robert E. L. Krick.  The Antietam Campaign. Ed. Gary Gallagher  Chapel Hill:  The University of North Carolina Press,  1999 page 209. Originally from With the Old Confeds: Actual experiences of a captain in the line by Samuel D. Buck. Butternut Press, 1983 pages 63-64.


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