“Let the armies of the East and the West vie with one another in discipline, bravery, and activity” Robert E. Lee September 6, 1862

The Southern States

Voices from September 6, 1862


Confederate Voices

“Let the armies of the East and the West vie with one another in discipline, bravery, and activity”

Robert E. Lee September 6 1862

Lee’s General Orders 103 announce the success of Kirby Smith at the Battle of Richmond in Kentucky

From Taken at the Flood Robert E. Lee & Confederate Strategy in the Maryland Campaign of 1862 by Joseph L. Harsh.  Kent:  The Kent State University Press, 1999. page 106

“Maryland, from her eastern shore to the Blue Ridge, is throbbing with the hope of early deliverance, and sits uneasy in her chains.”

Charleston Mercury Sep 6 1862

A Charleston Editor On the issue of Maryland awaiting liberation from a southern newspaper editor.  From “Maryland Our Maryland.” by William A. Blair. The Antietam Campaign, Ed. Gary Gallagher Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1999. page 89

Union Voices

“I like Hooker to serve with, though I do not think him a great general.”

Charles S. Wainright September 6 1862

Artillerist Charlse S. Wainwright on his feelings about serving with Joseph Hooker.

From A Diary of Battle The Personal Journals of Colonel Charles S. Wainright 1861-1865 by Charles S. Wainwright edited by Allan Nevins. New York:  De Capo Press, 1998. page 93


“It was a hard march.  The men were falling out of the ranks all along the road.  I fell out about a mile behind the regiment and slept on the porch of a house.” Albert A. Pope September 6 1862

Lt Albert A. Pope of the 35th MA describes the march on Sep 6From  “Who Would Not Be A Soldier?” by Scott D. Hartwig. The Antietam Campaign. Ed. Gary Gallagher  Chapel Hill:  The University of North Carolina Press,  1999.

page 148

“Have your wits about you and do all you can to annoy the rebels should they advance on you.  Activity, energy, and decision must be used.  You will not abandon Harper’s Ferry without defending it to the last extremity.”

General John Wool September 6 1862

Wool’s orders to hold Harpers Ferry to Dixon Miles

From The Maryland Campaign of September 1862 Vol. 1 South Mountain. Edited by Tom Clemens. New York:  Savas Beatie, 2010. page 213


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