New Quotes Added-South Mountain, Crampton’s Gap, and Harper’s Ferry

Last weekend, I was fortunate to attend a great tour of the South Mountain and Harper’s Ferry Battlefields led by Tom Clemens and Dennis Frye.  The tour coincides with the publication this year of Tom’s edition of volume 1 of the Carmen Manuscript which covers these battles.  I enjoyed the day with some good friends and a thought provoking tour. Then last night, I joined a twilight hike at Fox Gap with Antietam rangers John, Mannie, and Maura and her parents.  I was inspired to shake the rust off my quote collection and add some quotes that I have on these battlefields.  I tend to view Crampton’s Gap as a separate action so you will see it covered with its own page here.  I will have more to say about last weekend’s tour at South From the North Woods soon.


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