“These brave men were mowed down like the corn surrounding them.” Pvt W.E. Barry of the 4th Texas describes the Cornfield

Last Sunday, I grabbed my camera and headed for the Cornfield.  I had just finished reading George E. Otott’s “First Texas in the Cornfield” from Civil War Regiments:  A Journal of the American Civil War, Vol 5, No 3, Antietam The Maryland Campaign of 1862.  The quotes below, many from his article, complement the photos of the field from various angles.  I also included several of the Copes Maps of the battlefield indicating with an arrow, the approximate place where I shot the photo.  I have many other Cornfield quotes that I will get up someday but take a look at these, look at the photos and the maps to get a better appreciation of what went on in the maelstrom of the Cornfield.

“Men I can not say fell; they were knocked out of the ranks by dozens.”Maj Rufus Dawes of the 6th Wisconsin describes as the attack opens

“The command to forward dispels all fear, and from the first volley all traces of that fear and dread are gone, all is lost in the excitement.  Men who five minutes before were trembling and praying are now cool, collected and more than apt to be cursing….The din and confusion of battle seems to drown all thoughts.” Cpl Pritchard of Co I, 1st Tex describes the advance of the Texans

“it seemed the whole world was in arms against us….Their new bright flags were waving in every direction.” Carson E. Scott of Hampton’s Legion remembers the Cornfield fight

“the air was full of shot and shell…it seemed almost impossible for a rat to live in such a place.” Pvt J.M. Polk of the 4th Tex describes the Cornfield and pasture.


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