“Poor little pusillanimous Pleasonton”

Alfred Pleasonton

Admittedly, I have not devoted much study (yet) to the Union cavalry in the Maryland Campaign.  That is an endeavor that I look forward to pursuing at some point.  The commander of the Union cavalry division at Antietam was Alfred Pleasonton.  As you will see when you view the quotations about him, he is a decidedly unlikeable, unpopular individual.  A cavalry surgeon upon learning that Pleasanton had ascended to command of the Cavalry Corps after Chancellorsville described Pleasanton as “pusillanimous”.  I had to look that up and found that it means “lacking in courage and manly strength and resolution; contemptibly fearful.” The quotations bear this out.  Most of what I know about Pleasonton comes from David J. Petruzzi’s fine article in America’s Civil War edition of March 2005, entitled “The Fleeting Fame of Alfred Pleasonton.” A more detailed treatment of Alfred Pleasonton will have to wait but for now, I wanted to add the quotes that I do have about him.

I have neglected this blog lately with lots going on at work and my spare time devoted to volunteering at the park, conducting private tours there and continuing to accumulate more quotations in my growing data base.  There are now over 1,700 quotes that I have collected since I began this project over 15 months ago.

See you around Antietam Voices again sometime soon.


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