The Maryland Campaign of 1862

Tom Clemens, perhaps the subject matter expert on the Maryland Campaign has joined the blogosphere with his new blog The Maryland Campaign of 1862.  Tom’s blog will focus on Gen. Ezra A. Car­man and his 1,800 page man­u­script his­tory of the cam­paign.  Savas-Beatie LLC will release the first vol­ume of Tom’s edition of the Carmen manuscript on May 15, 2010. The first vol­ume con­tains the chap­ters lead­ing up to the bat­tle of Anti­etam and includes the plans of both com­man­ders, the pre­lim­i­nary move­ments of both armies and the bat­tles of South Moun­tain. A sec­ond vol­ume will include the bat­tle of Anti­etam and the imme­di­ate aftermath.  I am looking forward to learning more about Carmen and his work at Tom’s new blog and I wish him every success in this undertaking.


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  1. There’s a well established oral history in my mother’s family that General Alfred Pleasonton occupied the home of my great-great grandfather, John Short, in Berlin (now Brunswick) Md. after Antietam.
    When he departed, (some say it was because of illness) he left behind a saber and cape. Those items remained in a trunk in the attic of the Short home until sometime in the 1920s or early 1930s. One day, my mother and grandmother were cleaning up the attic and opened the trunk. The cape fell to pieces when handled. The saber was given to a relative and eventually all knowledge of it was lost.
    How can I find out reliable accounts about Pleasonton’s activities in the Anitetam period and verify
    when he was at my family’s home?

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