“I found that under [Hill’s] successor, Genl Branch, my orders were much better carried out.”

Lawrence O.B. Branch

Stonewall Jackson is explaining the improvement in the efficiency of A. P. Hill’s division under Lawrence O.B. Branch during the period of Hill’s arrest just prior to the Battle of Antietam.  Jackson certainly admired Hill’s fighting ability but never thought as highly of his administrative skills and his unwillingness to follow Stonewall’s orders to the letter.  Jackson apparently found Branch to be much better in this department.  A.P. Hill had a high regard for Branch, believing that he was his best brigade commander.  He was the only subordinate that Hill had more than a professional relationship with regarding the Princeton educated North Carolinian as a close friend.   Branch was killed at the battle of Antietam.  This quote was taken from Robertson, James I.  Stonewall Jackson The Man, The Soldier, The Legend by James I. Robertson.  (New York:  Macmillan Publishing Co, 1997).


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