“It was better to have fought the battle in Maryland than to have left it without a struggle.” Robert E. Lee

...to Maryland's snowy fields yesterday

From the warm beaches of Royal National Park, last Sunday in Australia...

From the warm beaches of Royal National Park, last Sunday in Australia...

Being socked in this weekend with 28 inches of snow here in Jefferson Maryland, I have had a bit of time to return to my neglected Antietam blogs. I spent the weekend compiling many of the quotes that I collected by soldiers on both sides who fought at the battle of Antietam.  This is in stark contrast to my activities last weekend when I enjoyed a visit to Sydney Australia where I attended a conference. Enjoy the contrasting pictures of the Australian summer and our Maryland winter.

Because these quotes are not about a specific person, I have organized them a little differently.  All these quotes fall under a new heading called Maryland Campaign.  Specific quotes on the Battle of Antietam are here.  Quotes from Confederate sources, both known and unknown, appear first.  These are followed by Federal, known and unknown.  My first shot at this addresses mostly the Battle of Antietam.  In the future, quotes about Harpers Ferry, Cramptons Gap, and South Mountain (Frosttown, Turner and Fox Gap) will appear on their own pages.  I may rearrange these a bit as I move forward.  So far, my quotes come mostly from the biographies that I have read.  Those from such Antietam monologs as Joseph Harsh’s Taken at the Flood, Stephen Sears Landscape Turned Red, and James Murfin’s Gleam of Bayonets will appear in the future as I compile the quotes from these books.  Let me know what you think of this organization and any ideas you have for presenting it differently.


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