Getting Started

The Burnside Bridge

This is my attempt to branch out a bit and develop a blog/website devoted to the core of my Civil War interests.  That is the quotes that I am collecting by and about the men of the Maryland Campaign.  It is not entirely coincidental that this effort coincides with the start of the New Year.  I have had some time these past few days to think about what I want to do here.  Unlike South From the North Woods where the focus has evolved into a more general look at the Maryland Campaign, this blog will be organized and devoted to the quotations that I have collected, some 1,000 of them and growing literally daily.  Another focus here will be my executive leadership training programs.  In talking with Antietam Rangers Mannie Gentile and John Hoptak, who have encouraged me on this project, this seems to be a good way to organize my stuff.  I also talked with Harry Smeltzer at Bull Runnings who uses WordPress.  This is the format/platform  that I am going to use here.  South From the North Woods will live on.  This site is evolution, not revolution.  It will be a slow introduction of my various quotes first.  Stay with me and hopefully enjoy the development of this project.  And Happy New Year to everyone.


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